Monitor gamma problem solving on Windows 10 and Dell 3020

Tonight I installed latest Windows 10 build, but when I started work in the morning I noticed that I can’t see anything in PhpStort Dracula theme. I faced this problem on initial Windows installation but I forgot how I solve it. So I decided to solve it again and public correct solution here.

At first, you need to install Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel but you can’t install a regular driver from Intel cause it’s changed by Dell.

So you need to go to Dell support and download and install display driver(restart required).

After restart open installed Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel and go to Display->Color Setting and setup Gamma value to 1.6 instead of 1.0.

Enjoy correct colors!

Blackview BV8000Pro bugs report

For some reason my bug requests don’t publish on official Blackview forum, so I decided create post here for future repost of issued or something like this.

Can’t connect 3G after continuous non active period
Usually I connect to internet via Wi-Fi, but when I go to the country on weekend I use 3G.
Usually when I try to establish 3G connection I can’t do it:
3G connection switches to turned on but actually there is no connection (no small 3G sign above network level and no internet in browser). Sometimes it happens even in a day of non active period or even less.

As workaround for resolving this problem I enable and disable flight mode: after that in most of cases I can establish 3G connection successfully with internet connection.

P.S: I’m from Ukraine. Noticed same behavior on 2 used carriers.